Helix Rail Spiral Stair with Concrete Treads

Project ID: #6624
A strong, welded iron spiral stair with concrete treads and hot-dip galvanizing offers compact yet comfortable access with a large 72″ diameter footprint

Spiral stairways help you move between floors in less space. They use “pie” shaped steps to turn you, either clockwise or counter-clockwise, as you ascend and descend. There are many different applications you can employ for the steps. You can choose from a standard and simple, smooth steel step to adding durable ipe hardwood. Further, you can design a spiral stair with concrete treads as shown here.

  • Fully welded, wrought iron spiral stair
  • Comfortable and compact, 72″ diameter footprint
  • Convenient, second story access from parking lot
  • Tinted precast concrete treads that can be replaced if damaged
  • Anti-slip textured tread surface
  • Wrought iron railing with decorative twisted pickets and collars
  • Helix metal railing design with top bar, mid bar, and floating bottom bar
  • 1-3/4″ wide molded cover bar handrail
  • Satin Grey-Brown powder coating

Another design element stands out. A steel band winds around the spiral stairs because it attaches at the corner of each tread. It follows the line of the handrail. As it turns out, this simple feature illustrates the natural helix. Unique features can add to a home’s value. So spiral stairs add valuable function to your real estate.

Your look can vary from ultra contemporary to altogether traditional. As a result, this choice will work frequently inside and outside of your home. Is this something that you are considering for your home? Contact us today to begin the process! Authentic craftsmanship, locally made, together with contractors you know. Great Lakes Metal Fabrication produces quality work with a personal hand you can trust.

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