Outdoor Spiral Stairs for Tall Cedar Wood Deck

Project ID: #1004

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Cedar Wood Treads, and Other Features of this Outdoor Spiral Staircase

This outdoor spiral staircase is a secure and beautiful addition to this home, featuring gorgeous and practical cedar wood treads.

  • Fully welded wrought iron spiral staircase
  • Convenient access between patio and deck
  • Spacious 72″ diameter footprint
  • Standard, rectangular landing
  • Righthand up orientation
  • Durable cedar wood treads
  • Replaceable wood treads in case of damage
  • Metal railing with vertical pickets welded to steps
  • Molded cover bar handrail
  • Satin black powder coating and zinc powder primer
  • Cedar wood deck and sunroom with metal picket railing

Outdoor Spiral Staircase Customization Options

An outdoor spiral staircase from Great Lakes Metal Fabrication is not just functional, but customizable to your preferences. Cedar wood tread materials, risers, lights, and coating options allow you to create a staircase that seamlessly integrates with your home’s aesthetic.

Visit the Outdoor Spiral Stairs page and scroll down to see the wide variety of customization options available.

A Compact Outdoor Spiral Staircase

Spiral stairs are valued for their compact footprint, starting from a minimum 60″ diameter for code compliance. The height and diameter can be tailored based on your preferences and space constraints. The top of the stairs can have a custom landing to ensure the staircase ends in the perfect location. The welded steel or aluminum construction adds an increased level of security and stability compared to lightweight kit alternatives.

Illuminate Your Outdoor Spiral Staircase with LED Tread Lighting

For added visibility and confidence, many customers choose LED tread lighting. This illumination not only enhances the user experience but also increases safety, meeting the requirements of municipalities that mandate illuminated stair treads. Great Lakes Metal Fabrication is one of the few companies in the USA providing long-lasting and low-profile LED lighting for spiral stairs.

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