Outdoor Spiral Stair with Brick Deck, Metal Railing

Project ID: #7137

An Amazing Brick Deck with Outdoor Spiral Stair

Beautiful aluminum spiral staircase with heavy duty aluminum railing, custom-made to fit and finished in a durable vintage bronze powder coating.

What’s in This Project

  • Lakeside home with arched brick deck
  • Welded aluminum spiral stair
  • Metal railing with baskets or birdcages
  • Luxury outdoor spiral stair with helix bottom bar
  • Coordinated railing on brick deck
  • Oil-rubbed bronze powder coating

Brick Deck with Metal Railing

Wrought iron railing provides a dazzling contrast to the weight and design of a beautiful arched brick deck. Sophisticated metal railing is an easy way to add a luxurious touch to a brick deck. Add a chic stainless or wrought iron rail to your deck with an assortment of styles, from classic to contemporary.

Start Upgrading Today

Make your curb appeal even more eye-catching with metal railings. Metal rail is available in a variety of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, cables, and glass deck rail panels. Spiral stairs add easy, convenient access between deck and patio. Add lights for extra peace of mind at night.

Make Your Deck Amazing with Beautiful Metal Railing and Structural Steel for an Arched Brick Deck

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