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butternut hardwood floating treads top rail mixed railing horizontal wrought iron metal work artisticWhen one art collector couple walked in, they needed a staircase to fit a certain space that also characterized their home. The problem was no one else they had spoken with really had experience doing unique steel work while also being structurally sound. Then they discovered Great Lakes Metal Fabrication. They brought in a picture of a tree-like staircase. While discussing the possibilities in the showroom at Great Lakes Metal Fabrication, they noticed a small metal figurine. It was steel pipe fashioned into the very likeness of a bird perched on a woody tree branch. So what began as an idea of a tree stair became something that could actually be done. A popular low-profile horizontal metal railing style brought a modern touch. Thick butternut wood treads warmed the space. Personal touches like a heart “carved” into the tree trunk made it one-of-a-kind. So what started from a photo turned into beautiful functional artwork – a rustic industrial steel staircase done in a modern way.

Forging Ahead

Formed in 2015 from a pool of experienced fabricators and businessmen, Great Lakes Metal Fabrication filled a need in the industry for skilled and professional steel work in the residential sphere. As a result, the Company now serves any customer looking for quality custom stairs, railing, gates, and furnishings. One of the goals is to use metal, coatings, and wood accents to create amazing combinations. For example, a new and memorable conference table resides at United Shore Wholesale Mortgage. There, a playful swing design suspended from a steel frame keeps meetings moving along. Clear coat on the steel enhances a rustic industrial steel aesthetic. A reclaimed piece of hardwood forms the tabletop. Additionally, the Company has since expanded from metro Detroit.  Homeowners, builders, and designers in Michigan, Chicago, and the east coast look to GLMF to create projects that make a lasting impact.

DNA and Style

Vintage ornamental metal Decorative Cast Iron Mailbox Postbox Mail Box Wall Mounted Wrought Iron Letters Box Metal Garden Supplies residential wall hanging artistic ironworkGreat Lakes Metal Fabrication takes customer satisfaction to heart. It starts with each employee brought on. Individuals apply with a variety of work experience, educational backgrounds, and industry certifications. The next step determines how the individual exhibits a willingness to learn, improve, and become part of the team that puts customers first. This applies to both our front office and to the shop, where men who build may also install onsite and take pride in a job beautifully finished (and troubleshoot when the need arises). The team also strives to meet customer needs in a way that fits their budget and the constraints of the job. They do this by offering options, alternatives, and job phasing. The desires of a builder differ in terms of quantity, time, and budget from a homeowner who needs a piece perfectly fit for their home. While juggling the demands of work, the Great Lakes Metal Fabrication team also takes time out to explore creative ideas, trade pie secrets, and visit local food trucks.

Certified and Celebrated

Local news stations like channel 7, Fox 2 news, and channel 62 have featured a stunning tree-staircase made to resemble the original. The Company holds insurance in Michigan as a licensed builder. The Company works in-house with certified welders and experienced designers. In addition, Great Lakes Metal Fabrication receives reviews online that testify to customer service, beautiful work, and problem-solving ability. Houzz has also awarded the Company service awards each year it has been active on that platform.

Stay Connected

You can learn more about the work at Great Lakes Metal Fabrication in a few simple clicks today. Explore the Projects page for fresh ideas. Follow the team on Houzz and Twitter. Leave and read reviews on Google. And create a metalwork quote request for your project to get started!