Metal Outdoor Spiral Staircase with Cable Rail and Ipe Treads

Project ID: #6990

This is a stylish outdoor metal spiral staircase. It attaches a backyard patio to a second floor.

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Enhance Your Space with a Durable Outdoor Metal Spiral Staircase

Transform your outdoor space with a cable deck rail featuring a robust aluminum frame for lasting durability. Make a bold statement with large spiral stairs that not only add aesthetic appeal but also increase your home’s overall value. Explore the possibilities of adding a wood top to unite the deck and rail visually, creating a cohesive and stylish outdoor environment.

Choosing the Right Metal for Your Railings

When it comes to outdoor spiral staircase materials, metal offers a versatile and durable option. Consider steel, stainless steel, or aluminum for your project. Working with a custom fabrication shop like Great Lakes Metal Fabrication allows you to select details that enhance the architectural style of your home. Railing isn’t just a necessity; it can be transformed into functional art with the right choices.

Customizable Steps for Your Outdoor Metal Spiral Staircase

Experience the convenience and elegance of an spiral staircase. The “pie” shaped steps guide your ascent and descent, providing a unique and visually striking feature for your space. The versatility of these steps allows you to choose from a standard and simple, smooth steel step to the added durability of hardwood.

Versatility in Style for Every Home

Whether you prefer an contemporary look or a more traditional aesthetic, an outdoor metal spiral staircase is a versatile choice that seamlessly fits inside and outside your home. The unique design and material options make it a frequent and adaptable addition to various home settings.

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