Curved Staircase, Wrought Iron Belly Rail

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Curved Staircase Upgrades Traditional Lake Home

Located in the beautiful Bloomfield Hills area of Michigan, one entrepreneur built a custom home unlike most others. A long-time customer with Great Lakes Metal Fabrication, he knew where to go for the perfect deck rail, balcony railing, curved staircase, and metal work to finish the exterior facing the inlet and lake. The steel and brick deck (also installed by Great Lakes Metal Fabrication) needed a set of stairs. A curved staircase looks both dramatic and functional. As it sweeps down past the house, the stairs provide a visual panorama of the lake as you descend. It ends between the steps to the front yard and the patio, providing good circulation. Hammered wrought iron railing lines each side of the stairs. Blue stone covers the curved staircase treads and matches the patio and landscape steps.

Belly Rail Adds Dimension To Brick Deck

The belly railing crowns the steel deck with a hammered finish and curved profile. Wrought iron belly rail provides an increased sense of spaciousness to the terrace. Belly rail typically adds an extra 6-12″ of depth, substantial enough to be noticed. Additionally, balcony railing like this adds visual repetition to the design. It echoes the curved staircase, the perimeter stone walk, and the curved shape of the deck. Wrought iron balcony rail also adds visual interest by mixing in a curved profile in the middle of many linear elements.

Wrought Iron, Copper, and Custom Steel Stairs

No other home will be quite like this one. The curved staircase instantly adds a powerful focal point to the home. Unlike a builder-grade straight, L-shaped, or U-shaped wooden staircase, curved metal stairs flow with grace, spanning the distance with ease. The copper roof and window accents (also installed by Great Lakes Metal Fabrication) provide a luxurious touch. The design adds an old world charm, meshing with the tumbled brick exterior and traditional belly rail.

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