Sand Dollar Iron Outdoor Spiral Stairs

Project ID: #7806

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Outdoor Spiral Staircase Features

This is a beautiful one-piece welded powder coated iron spiral outdoor staircase which provides safe, durable, and convenient deck access for this brick home with a spacious yard. Treads are low-maintenance Trex board treads which are replaceable if needed.

  • One piece welded iron spiral stair
  • Trex wood treads (composite wood) to match decking
  • Metal railing with vertical pickets welded to steps
  • Hand-friendly molded cover bar handrail with standard hand-forged lambstongue end
  • Sand dollar color powder coating to match deck and home exterior
  • Zinc powder undercoating protection

Outdoor Spiral Staircase Benefits

Crafted for Excellence: Outdoor spiral stairs, made from high-quality iron, are strong and last a long time. An outdoor spiral staircase by Great Lakes Metal Fabrication is not just a staircase; it’s like a piece of art that makes your space look better.

Durable with Powder Coating and Zinc Primer: We use a special powder coating on the iron. First, this makes the surface low maintenance, and stronger than regular paint. The surface is typically smooth with no brush marks, paint drips or runs. It keeps the staircase from scratches and chips. In addition, this coating protects against rust and corrosion, which is great for outdoor use. It stays looking good in rain, snow, or sunshine.

Coating Protection Upgrade: Hot dip galvanized undercoat. Think of it like an industrial heavy duty primer undercoating. It is the same stuff that the Michigan DOT specifies for road guard rails that get pounded by salt and rocks for years. Galvanizing coats the entire outdoor spiral stair with a zinc coating. It coats inside and out of all hollow materials and takes low maintenance to the ultra low, almost no maintenance coating. Rest assured at night knowing you won’t ever have a ugly stair that rusted from the inside out. Hot dip galvanized coating does add slight orange peel texture to the stair, and there may be some zinc build up in spots. But you won’t ever think about having major corrosion issues.

Designed for Comfort and Safety: We’ve designed this powder coated iron outdoor spiral staircase to be comfortable and safe to use. It has a user-friendly spiral shape. The steps are well-placed and the right size, making it easy to walk up and down. This also helps prevent slipping.

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