Monumental Metal Curved Staircase and Glass Deck Rail

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How a Metal Curved Staircase Completed This Beautiful Deck

This customer’s home had a beautiful tumbled brick facade. The brick deck was accented by luxurious, curved arches that supported a lofty covered deck. A metal curved staircase soon emerged as the perfect accent to connect the upper and lower living spaces. Originally, the home builder planned to erect a set of traditional wooden stairs, however, it became clear that the stairs would restrict the layout. Additionally, the wooden stairs would be cumbersome in contrast to the flowing lines of the house. However, few builders knew craftsmen who did such work with a practiced and professional hand. That is where Great Lakes Metal Fabrication came in to build.

Great Lakes Craftsmen Furnish the Metal Curved Staircase and Glass Deck Rail

In the end, the owners brought the problem to Great Lakes Metal Fabrication. Together, a solution to the space layout and aesthetic issues: a metal curved staircase. After some design iteration, the stairs began to emerge, to curve from the side of the deck towards the patio in front. Placed well away from the windows, they would allow views and light to pass through while retaining the compact size necessary. The dark and light colors help make a dynamic contrast in the build. The captivating lines of the curved metal staircase intensified the architectural design rather than muting it, likewise, they chose beautiful glass railings that maximized the lines of sight. To fully connect the spaces above and below, lines of sight had to be visually continuous.


  • Fully welded steel commercial stair stringers
  • Comfortable and compact, 36″ wide mezzanine stair style roof access stairs
  • Convenient, second story access from interior courtyard
  • Durable steel bar grate treads that easily filter out accumulated debris
  • Anti-slip textured tread surface
  • Fully framed wrought iron metal railing from 2″ square tubing
  • Zinc primer and Satin Black powder coating

What This Can Mean for You

In the same way, your look can vary from ultra contemporary to altogether traditional, each is treated as one-of-a-kind. As a result, metal work like these roof access metal staircase will work inside and outside of the home. Is this something that you are considering for your project? Are you interested in improving and customizing your own home with metal work? Contact us today to begin the process! You can expect quality work like these roof access metal curved staircase with a personal hand you can trust as well as authentic craftsmanship.

Project Specifications:

Steel 12″ channel stringers
Bar grating treads & platform

Molded cover bar handrail
1-1/4″ square posts
1/2″ square vertical spindles

All steel coated in high-strength, long-lasting hot-dip galvanization. In addition, powder coated with zinc primer and Satin Black. Concrete footings dug and filled for stair installation.

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