Industrial Style Metal Stairs

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Industrial Style Metal Stairs

A prominent home builder brought Great Lakes Metal Fabrication on board for the task of creating industrial style metal stairs. This lake home in Fenton, Michigan, needed more than a builder-grade stair. This open floor plan, on Lake Marl, was an agreeable match for using a floating stair with urban materials.  These materials can be slightly edgy. So a residential setting requires balance when using raw metal. Keeping all the welds clean and the cable connections small retains unity. Also the steel pans on this dual stringer system allowed the same wood on the stairs and in the rooms. From the first floor to the metal stair to the second floor, it softens and unites the spaces. Thus these monochromatic touches create a fluid appearance. Unity is key in the transitions. Great Lakes took the aesthetic concept and produced one of a kind industrial style metal stairs.

Raw Steel Cable Railing

Industrial style metal stairs can be fabricated with a dual stringer system, like this one. Mono stringers are also a popular choice for this style of floating stair. Duo inset stringer and double outside stringer are popular as well. Staircases topped with raw steel cable railing promote modern taste. The cable railing infill opens up the space. In conjunction, the clear coating highlights raw elements of the steel. Metal alloy variances shine through. Additionally, the clear coat preserves fabrication marks, a hallmark of industrial style. Because these are like a fingerprint of the railing, they add authenticity. This project features a water-wash of the steel which is like a beautiful patina.

So with the help of Great Lakes Metal Fabrication, you can employ the elements of vintage factories in your interior design. Celebrate by considering the use of an industrial style metal stairs! You can leave your comments and view more projects at Also check out this project with horizontal metal railing. Looking for a monumental stair for your outside terrace or brick deck? Check out this beautiful curved steel staircase for a new home.