“Tree Stair” Floating Curved Staircase

Project ID: #7197

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A Piece of a Lifetime

Built for a pair of art collectors in Michigan, this floating curved staircase adds drama to its environment. The pair wanted unique stairs that matched the ethos of the home. Because it is a place for beloved works collected from memorable trips, custom metalwork fit the bill. A tree represented the strength needed to support a staircase. Yet, it was also playful, in the manner of a tree house. The beam hidden beneath the thick wood treads allowed the metal tree to take center stage. Additionally, the floating curved staircase layout created a more compact footprint that complemented the tree shape. As users step up, a horizontal railing system flares out and adds safety. Solid hardwood treads provide a secure walking surface as they wind upward.

A Floating Curved Staircase Built to Last

This floating curved staircase connects the main floor to the second floor bridge. Here we installed a custom horizontal railing system. These steel rods match the curved railing on the staircase. The horizontal bars contrast with the organic shape of the tree. They also emphasize the circular stair shape. A wrought iron rail complements many interiors. In this case, the metal horizontal railing system selected contributes a warm and contemporary touch to the space. Because of a wood top, which softens the strong lines of the custom metalwork and adds color. 

A Floating Curved Staircase with Custom Metalwork

The tree itself is unique to the homeowners. In the process of creating the custom metalwork for the tree, the fabricator “carved” their initials in the bark. He also hand forged each section from raw steel. The tree took shape as he fashioned the steel base, the trunk, and especially the branches. Their delicate design belies the strength within the floating curved staircase. The horizontal railing system is also specially made for odd openings around the basement entry. It comes with a special clear coat to let the beauty of steel shine through.

Specifications of This Floating Curved Staircase

  • Top: Butternut wood
  • Infill: Steel round
  • Treads: Butternut wood
  • Stringer: Steel tube monostringer
  • Center support: Steel tree-like sculpture

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