Double Stringer Floating Stairs

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Double Stringer Floating Stairs – A Balanced Design

With a floating yet sturdy look, inset double stringer stairs may just be the happy medium we need.

Typical Stairs May Hinder Views

Unlike double stringer floating stairs, a typical staircase may have two steel channels at each side of the treads. The same goes for wood stairs, with wood pieces sandwiching the treads on either sides. The treads attach on the inside, usually integral to the stringers. The result is a broad band of material on each side that encloses the treads. It creates a bold and striking diagonal line. It can also block the view. Due to the ease of fabrication and installation, outside stringers are typically found in builder-grade homes and for commercial steel stairs.  They are also a wonderful choice for monumental staircases like these curved steel stairs.

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Monostringer Floating Stairs, Not Always Best

Another option other than double stringer floating stairs is to use a monostringer stair design. A single steel beam supports the treads in the center. The treads usually rest on a steel plate. The design details of this style can vary depending on the look. But the main idea is that the treads are supported by a central element, sometimes called “spine stairs”. This style is also referred to as “floating stairs” because the treads are open and airy, similar to double stringer ones. They can be a striking focal point for any home or business. The downside is that sometimes, to support an extra tall set of stairs, the beam in the middle may be larger to keep from flexing.

With a floating yet sturdy look, inset double stringer stairs may just be the happy medium we need.

Double Stringer Floating Stairs, Consistent Performers

Using bigger steel beams may also be required for inset double stringer stairs. If the span is long enough, the stair supports may need to be heavier or larger to reduce flex. But this happens less often. Double stringer stairs are designed with two pieces of steel to support the treads. Since they are able to share the load, the size of the members can be smaller than if it was a single “monostringer stair” design. Thus, stairs may use lower profile steel beams to maintain the same level of sturdiness. Therefore, this stair design can allow more light to filter through and increase lines of sight. With no reduction in stiffness, these type of stairs can support the same amount of weight.

Details for the Stairs Shown Here

  • Fully welded, high strength inset double stringer stairs
  • Floating 4″ thick wood treads
  • Natural clear coating with anti-slip properties
  • Horizontal metal railing with 3/8″ round steel horizontal bars
  • Beautiful Oil-Rubbed Bronze powder coating

What This Can Mean for You

Have a set of bulky stairs in your home? Double stringer floating stairs maximize lines of sight. Which inset double stringer stairs work for you? Your look can vary from ultra contemporary to altogether traditional. Each is treated as one-of-a-kind. As a result, metal work like this will work inside and outside of the home. Is this something that you are considering for your project? Contact us today to begin the process! You can expect quality work with a personal hand you can trust. Authentic craftsmanship. Locally made, locally installed.

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