Roof Access Stairs

Project ID: #6744

What kind of roof access stairs offer compact yet comfortable egress for a private residence?

This customer ran an art and architecture studio out of their home and incorporated industrial elements throughout the space. Tall ceilings inside accented the design factory aesthetic. The home enclosed a small interior courtyard, while the roof was made into a patio. With the courtyard and the CMU forming a parapet wall at the rooftop patio, the design was reminiscent of some charming floor plans in Mexico. Then it came time to add exterior roof access stairs to connect the spaces. But the couple wasn’t happy with installing a typical wooden staircase. Indeed, living in southeastern Michigan meant looking for a multi-seasonal solution. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach often found with builders, they sought something to complement the carefully curated spaces.

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Hands-on design coupled with local craftsman provide roof access stairs and railing

In the end, they brought us the design for a mezzanine-style staircase. They settled on a striking design for their roof access stairs. The commercial stair stringers led the way into the industrial aesthetic. They also boldly contrasted with the light grey CMU wall. Next, the steel bar grate treads. These filtered snow, rainwater, and debris to the ground beneath. Without question they also furthered the rugged factory aesthetic. Additionally, the railing was designed to work with glass railing panels or stainless cable rails. The unbroken lines of the top and bottom bar provide a solid visual contrast for either style.


  • Fully welded steel commercial stair stringers
  • Comfortable and compact, 36″ wide mezzanine stair style roof access stairs
  • Convenient, second story access from interior courtyard
  • Durable steel bar grate treads that easily filter out accumulated debris
  • Anti-slip textured tread surface
  • Fully framed wrought iron metal railing from 2″ square tubing
  • Zinc primer and Satin Black powder coating

What This Can Mean for You

In the same way, your look can vary from ultra contemporary to altogether traditional. Each is treated as one-of-a-kind. As a result, metal work like these roof access stairs will work inside and outside of the home. Is this something that you are considering for your project? Contact us today to begin the process! You can expect quality work like these roof access stairs with a personal hand you can trust. Authentic craftsmanship. Locally made, locally installed.