Nouveau Wavy Metal Stair Rail

Project ID: #1904

Modern Art Nouveau

A modern wavy metal stair rail? Whether it’s art deco you love, or art nouveau that really gets you going, neither style is going away any time soon. Rather, these periods in art history get reimagined into functional and aesthetic art pieces. Here, a modern take on art nouveau incorporates a beautiful wavy abstract design; not flowers or nature motifs as you will see with original art nouveau, but hearkening to the same elements of curvilinear lines as opposed to the geometrics of Art Deco. But that’s not all.

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Out with the Outdated

The first thing you notice when you step into a home can make a positive or negative impression. For a long time, this particular homeowner had looked at their existing metal stair rail and had wished for something better. It was an ugly design from the beginning. First impressions are very important, especially when you see something every day.

A Nod to Art Nouveau

This homeowner enjoyed the softly crisp lines and curved elements that are a hallmark of the Art Nouveau movement. But in a modern sense, they needed something that was up to code and sturdy, and more contemporary. So they got a decorative wrought iron balustrade. Also, since the stair railing was going in the front rather than the back, there was a need for more decorative balusters. The small space meant they could opt for a slightly more intricate design. Something they truly loved.

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Crafting a Wavy Metal Stair Rail

The ethos of Art Nouveau was great craftsmanship and artistry. Bringing all the weight of creativity and talent to bear on a project to produce something highly unique and expressive. Think of bentwood rockers with their highly curved elements, wood that was once straight, curved into amazing shapes. In the same way, handcrafted metal work manipulates straight steel into pleasing and harmonious lines. Modern day tradesmen are at the same time artists and fabricators.

Wavy Metal Stair Rail

When we started this project, there was a concern that we would make something too plain, traditional, or modern. By contrast, the home’s interior has elements of modern art nouveau. A railing like that would have contrasted too harshly. Instead, a soft abstract pattern complements the home’s unique interior, a wavy metal stair rail – not old-fashioned or strictly period, but drawing on the Nouveau background.

From Old to Old

To incorporate classic style into your home, look at elements of the time period that you love. Geometrics or symmetry from the art deco period. Flowing lines or natural motifs from art nouveau. Baroque ornament and opulence in modern materials or finishes. You can add much character to a home by way of a simple wavy metal stair rail, or any rail that shows just a little extra thought and care.

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