Contemporary Metal Fencing

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Custom Contemporary Metal Fencing

For this Bingham Farms project, Great Lakes Metal Fabrication created seven (7) panels for contemporary metal fencing, approximately 96″ long by 79″ tallĀ each, totaling 56′-0″.

First of all, the customer approached the company for a wrought iron solution that would screen the view but not obscure it. After producing a couple sketch-up renders, the final design became this beautiful custom metal fencing. These wrought iron fence panels incorporate hand-forged wavy and geometric elements, repeated for each section of fence.

The upper, double-top section came to approximately 8″ deep. As it turns out, relative to the overall fence height, this seemed to be the best proportion. The lower, main section of contemporary metal fencing incorporated dense and multi-layered metal strips. Oriented in roughly vertical pattern and 60-80% opaque. The frame consisted of steel material approximately 1″ x 1-1/2″ in size. Inside, hand-forged 1/2″ to 3/4″ filled in the metal frame.

Galvanized Metal Fence Panels

Grey Brown (RAL 8019) powder coat covered the metal fencing. For longevity, the customer added hot-dip galvanizing. This forms a durable zinc shield inside and out. Galvanizing the contemporary metal fencing added some surface texture. Because the dipping process affects the final finish. However, industry professionals recommend this coating to preserve the integrity of steel material and its finishes. Because of its strong bond to the steel surface, it protects the steel much longer than a regular zinc primer.

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When installed, the contemporary metal fencing panels attached to existing metal brackets embedded into existing brick piers. The field technician who originally measured the piers carefully noted the placement of these embedded brackets. As a result, no new metal needed to be installed inside the piers. Great Lakes Metal Fabrication completed all the metalwork in-house. Further, they used their self-performing team of installers. Additionally, the team performed minor touch-ups to the finish with a color-matched paint.

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