Horizontal Flat Bar Railing for Black and White Interior

Project ID: #1388
This striking black and white interior incorporated a minimal flat bar railing to let eclectic elements shine. 
  • 3/8″ thick steel horizontal flat bar railing
  • Top bar prepared for oak wood top (not shown)
  • 1-1/2″ square posts
  • Anchored to floor same as temporary railing in order to minimize holes
  • Matte Black powder coating

Fabricated for this specific staircase, the horizontal flat bar railing sections follow each plane. Additionally, laser technology and years of experience aided the measuring process. Tailored to each section, the stair railing required no shims or cutting onsite. Great Lakes Metal Fabrication worked with the homeowner and other contractors onsite to complete the project. The homeowner purchased a comprehensive field measure, shop drawings, in-house fabrication, and delivery with experienced railing installers. As a result, the horizontal metal rail became a secure and beautiful compliment to this unique modern home.

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