Horizontal Metal Railing for Deck

Project ID: #6825

Minimal Metal Rail for 50s Home

This traditional brick home gets a modern makeover with a new deck and horizontal metal railing. While the wood deck added a clean starting point, this house needed more. To really capture the essence of modern at home, the railing needed to match. Enter our design-build railing company Great Lakes Metal Fabrication. As a premium fabricator of custom handrails, the homeowners chose our design for their deck. Horizontal railing became the perfect finish to the new deck construction. The deck overlooks a newly finished patio and frames the outdoor space. The home’s modest proportions call for appropriate deck treatment. But discreet pops of color hint at an exciting interior. In the same way, the horizontal metal rail fades at distances but up close makes a statement

Quality Horizontal Metal Railing

The railing design uses square steel tubing, both lightweight and strong. Sturdy, square posts with baseplates anchor the rail to the deck. Graspable, rectangle tubing runs along the top. It creates a clean, modern finish at the ends. At the stairs, railing at one side also provides a code-compliant handrail. The powder coat covers standard zinc primer for corrosion resistance. The black helps the horizontal metal railing disappear when looking out. Additionally, the touch of black in this outdoor space adds drama, contrast, and sophistication.

Designed for Success

Fabricated for this specific composite deck, the horizontal metal railing sections follow each plane and tread. Additionally, laser technology and years of experience aided the measuring process. Tailored to each rise and fall of the wooden surface, the deck rail required no shims or cutting onsite. Great Lakes Metal Fabrication worked with the deck builder and the homeowner to make a complete project. The homeowner purchased a comprehensive field measure, shop drawings, in-house fabrication, and delivery with experienced railing installers. As a result, the horizontal metal rail became a secure and beautiful compliment to this mid-century modern home. 

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