Horizontal Railing in Stainless Steel

Project ID: #1415

Horizontal Railing Upgrades Basic Stair Rails

This beautiful project started as a simple Google search for metal railing. Clearly, the client needed more than a basic wooden railing for their stairs. Traditional wrought-iron railing might be beautiful but not quite right. The home needed something that would complement their cozy modern aesthetic. Carpet encloses each tread and riser, and crisp wooden curbs frame the stairs. They create a strong diagonal in the space. Other finishes in the home pointed toward a warm yet modern aesthetic. Objects like stainless steel light fixtures built in classic shapes. Towards that end, they selected a stainless steel horizontal railing using light steel bars. A smooth steel top complements the sleek design. Along with that, a brushed stainless steel finish softens the railing and provides a subtle glow.

Locally Designed and Handcrafted

In order to fit the space, a railing tech measured each portion of the stairs. Then a CAD drafter determined the best options for meeting code and maintaining health and safety. This changed the placement of the posts, the height of the top bar, and the spacing. Following this, experienced welders worked with precision to create the railing. As finishers cleaned and inspected each component, the railing emerged. Finally, a friendly install team delivered the product and anchored it in place. When the customer was happy with the fit and placement, the team took final photos of the stainless steel railing.

Complementary Metal Railing

This interior staircase needed a railing to make an impact. The stainless steel accent the modern interior while retaining a minimal footprint. Nothing like adding the warmth of a high-quality, hand-made product. As it turns out, adding a premium metal railing goes better when it is built in-house and installed locally. Designed, built, and installed by your local Michigan contractor, Great Lakes Metal Fabrication.

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