Best Cottage Twig Metal Porch Rail

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First impressions are very important. Front porches are the hallmark of a home’s curb appeal. Even if you have a fantastic home, you want to make it look great. If you take the time to go the extra mile, your heart will thank you every time you pull in the driveway. While you might think that a rustic metal porch rail is the least of your priorities when it comes to style, it can be the first. You will never regret putting effort into the most visible parts of a home. Also important are the most used elements, like kitchen or bath.

A Rustic Cottage Porch Design

When you stroll up the limestone walkway, past the tall, sun-drenched wildflowers, you notice a few things right away. A rustic, twig-like metal porch rail sits on cottage stone steps, adjacent to a healthy Rose of Sharon, while an arched front door sits comfortably nestled into painted cedar shake siding, lit on either side by wall-hung porch lighting. A cozy cottage design like this takes careful planning, with thoughtful details like a rustic twig metal porch rail which show that no detail is left untouched.

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Top 5 Cottage Porch Design Tips

Notice the design elements in this cozy cottage landscape. These are some best practices that you can start to incorporate once you begin to notice and learn them. A lot of the best front porch design (and curb appeal) comes down to proportions, textures, and colors. Remember to balance smooth and rough, tall and short, straight and curvy. Now see if you can find the following:

  • Contrast volume! Loose, untamed wildflowers bordered by the linear curve of the stone path make a beautiful contrast.
  • Play with texture! Irregular layered stone topped by smooth limestone steps looks much better than uniform precast concrete.
  • Add height! The heightened entryway complemented by a Rose of Sharon wouldn’t look the same with small annuals or French-cut boxwood.
  • Watch your canvas! Staggered cedar siding painted to form a more neutral, textured backdrop balances high-interest elements.
  • Don’t settle! Rustic twig metal porch rail framed by smooth metal balusters and handrail in a custom color choice makes an amazing difference compared to builder-grade railing.

Front Porch Landscape Design

The previous owner of this property, Mr. John, was a well-respected landscape architect and had been working on many of the properties in the area for years. Just like us, he worked with his clients to take into consideration every detail to create a beautiful home and garden. So by taking the time to carefully plan out your project, you can create a luxury design for your front porch landscaping too.

You will never regret putting effort into the most visible parts of a home!

So what other textures would you add or take away? How would you work with color differently? What would be your top priorities if budget was no issue?

Unique Rustic Twig Metal Porch Rail

We understand that every home is different. It is our hope that we can help you to better understand your home, location, and the people who live there. A twig metal porch rail like this one is one of the best ways to highlight the cottage, cabin, or farmhouse interior design inside. We are committed to helping people like you invest in their home or property. In other words, our goal is to make it as comfortable, personal, and durable as you need it to be. We make quality architectural metals that complement the design and space that you envision.

Outdoor architectural elements, like a twig metal porch rail, are some of the best ways to highlight the interior design inside.

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