Landscaped Steps with Curved Metal Handrail

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Reduce the risk on rustic landscaped steps with curved metal handrails.

Sturdy metal railing installed on large stone landscape steps to ensure safe access in all weather. A metal handrail can be a life-saver on these types of landscape installations. To preserve the integrity and look of the landscape, a handrail must not have a huge visual impact. For this landscape rail, decorative elements are kept to a minimum with simple twisted posts and hand-forged lambstongue ends. In addition, subtle curves in the handrail follow the trajectory of the steps.

Homes will require railing to keep them both code-compliant, as well as safe. You may be considering metal as the material to use for your railings. Steel, stainless steel, and aluminum are among the most common metals for these projects. When you work with a custom fabrication shop, like Great Lakes Metal Fabrication, you can choose details to enhance the architecture of your home or landscape. In conclusion, railing doesn’t have to just be a necessity in your home; you can make it functional art!

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