Glass Railing at Lakehouse

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Glass Railing with a Twist

Set on a lake and boasting a spacious backyard, this home needed clear sightlines and safe walkways. It began with the deck as the most important element of the backyard. The homeowner installed a Trex wood deck over brick piers for a cool contemporary look. Here, glass railing provides a clear line of sight. In the same way, the balcony receives a clean and contemporary treatment. The glass railing allows a clear view of the lake from the master bedroom. Next, a broad set of stairs wrap one side of the wood deck and connect to the patio below. Out of the line of sight, the stairs receive a wrought iron railing with small diamond accents. This decision left room in the budget for the decorative metal posts. Situated on the deck, they serve to unify the two different railing styles.

Durable and Decorative

Wrought iron railing is a versatile element that blends both modern and traditional aesthetics. Because the subtle geometric motif adds a subtle layer of detail that complements the home. At the same time, the glass panels keep the look streamlined. So the only view you see is the lake. Glass railing consistently ranks as a long-lasting material choice. It withstands sun, wind, and rain. Simple household supplies are sufficient to maintain the crisp clear nature of the tempered glass railing. The metal posts are coated in a durable powder coating that is chemically adhered. Maintenance is easy especially for a darker finish like this. A good satin finish paint on metal railing is suitable for touch-ups as needed. Avoiding salt on the steps also helps the wrought iron stair rail last as long as possible.

A design that walks the line between contemporary and traditional, this project was a pleasure to build.

Custom Railing Made Easy

Homes will require railing to keep them both code-compliant, as well as safe. You may be considering metal as the material to use for your railings. Steel, stainless steel, and aluminum are among the most common metals for these projects. When you work with a custom fabrication shop, like Great Lakes Metal Fabrication, you can choose details to enhance the architecture of your home. In conclusion, railing doesn’t have to just be a necessity in your home; you can make it functional art!

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