Part 1: Stair Rail Makeover Ideas – 10 Popular Bannister Designs

July 25, 2023

Our latest stair rail makeover ideas are here. These are all taken from our portfolio, and made possible with creative clients, professionals, and builders. On top of that, many projects are sourced from ideas found on the world wide web. Originally posted on Pinterest, you will find links to different projects in the series that you can Pin to your own boards!

Without further delay, let’s dive in to part 1 in this two-part series on 10 popular ideas for your stairway railing and get your creative juices flowing.

#1 HGTV Farmhouse Balustrade

stainless steel farmhouse table cross-brace legs wicker bar stool modern kitchen interior design pendant lights
Farmhouse “X” table with stainless steel top. ⓒ Great Lakes Metal Fabrication, LLC

Farmhouse style offers a welcome break from the clash of 80s and 90s color and decor.

Featured on HGTV, crisscross rail is also known as x-panel or cross-brace railing. Popular in quaint cottages, finished in bronze or matte black steel framing, crisscross rails gives stairways a fresh look when finished in bronze or matte black steel.

In addition, crisscross railing combines well with Craftsman and Beach or Lakefront interior design. Cable rail keeps it code-compliant. Further, it is right at home in luxurious stair rail makeovers due to the quality of the materials and design.

crisscross cable railing stainless steel farmhouse interior design craftsman architecture
Crisscross railing and stainless cables. ⓒ Great Lakes Metal Fabrication, LLC

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#2 Luxury Horizontal Rails

modern metal horizontal bars railing down stairs
Horizontal railing in stainless steel. ⓒ Great Lakes Metal Fabrication, LLC

There is really so much variety in horizontal railing for a staircase. You can choose thin, matte black horizontal railing or broad, slat-style horizontal bars for your bannister makeover. (Slats will be covered more in the next post, part 2.) Thus it remains a very current makeover idea for stairways.

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For example, one beautiful project started as a simple Google search for metal railing. The home needed something that would complement the owner’s cozy, modern vibe and provide a true value-added upgrade. It features round, welded stainless steel horizontal bars.

See below:

modern stainless steel handrail at interior steps
Horizontal railing with stainless steel bars. ⓒ Great Lakes Metal Fabrication, LLC

#3 Sophisticated Vintage Bannister

gothic art deco rail
Gothic-style wrought iron railing. ⓒ Great Lakes Metal Fabrication, LLC

Art Deco is back – and it’s new. Art Deco and Gothic railing for stairs is reimagined with slim, polished curves. Nothing boring or jarring here, just lived-in glamour that takes an foyer or entry to the next level. Besides the fresh designs, matte bronze or black finishes keep it up-to-date.

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In addition, we see an increase in sophisticated wrought iron railing designs with tasteful curves and elegant lines, including deco-style and linear designs.

See below:

artdeco metal railing modern stair rail interior staircase art deco metal rail oil rubbed bronze wrought iron handrail
Art Deco metal railing. ⓒ Great Lakes Metal Fabrication, LLC

#4 Contemporary Glass Balustrade

glass deck rail modern home style
Glass panel interior railing. ⓒ Great Lakes Metal Fabrication, LLC

Glass railing – so sturdy and clean it becomes one with the architecture. A regular in lakefront homes and contemporary interiors alike, metal framing secures glass deck rail with little visual noise to boot.

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Use glass rail on a staircase to keep artwork, natural textures, or architectural features as the focal point.

See below:

glass panel railing indoor stairway rail
Glass panel stair rail. ⓒ Great Lakes Metal Fabrication, LLC

#5 Romantic Wrought Iron Handrail

tuscan wrought iron railing at foyer staircase
Curved Tuscan rail in foyer. ⓒ Great Lakes Metal Fabrication, LLC

#4 in best bannister updates, wrought iron scrolls bring an old-fashioned romance. Update your stairs with sturdy curves and graceful ends, a romantic look that is as storybook as it is textbook. Old-world European and iconic like a Marilyn Monroe photograph, where you can’t see it for anything less than bold, unforgettable style that elevates the entire space.

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Furthermore, ornate scrollwork can be listed under Baroque, Parisian, Spanish, and Rococo, depending on the details. To add glamor to a foyer, include hand-painted gold accents on matte black metal.

Likewise, add a touch of this classic wrought iron style to your stairs with classic metal twists and collars. It goes well organic finishes and stone textures without overpowering the space. In fact, when replacing wood, metal rail can open up tight spaces because it has a narrower profile.

See below:

Next, check out Part 2 of the latest stair rail makeover ideas series.

So which stair rail makeover idea was your favorite? Have you spotted any of these in the wild? In addition, how would you adapt them for your own space?