Outdoor Metal Spiral Staircase with Horizontal Railing

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Metal Spiral Staircases Have Many Benefits

At a modern luxury home, this spiral stair with horizontal railing creates a strong relationship between deck and patio. The design includes a glossy stainless steel lookalike coating and horizontal metal railing to accent the modern exterior. On the steps, Trex wood matches the decking above. Once installed, it instantly becomes a beautiful feature of the lakefront. Finally, it creates a great proximity between deck and patio that did not exist before.

Features of This Outdoor Metal Spiral Staircase

This outdoor metal spiral staircase features:

  • Convenient access from deck to patio: Simplifies movement between outdoor living spaces.
  • Roomy 84″ diameter circular stair: Provides ample space for comfortable foot traffic.
  • Custom dual-use support column: Offers structural stability while serving an additional function, such as lighting.
  • No platform: Maximizes space efficiency in the installation area.
  • Lefthand up orientation: Facilitates ergonomic ascent.
  • Matching gray Trex wood steps: Creates a cohesive aesthetic with low maintenance requirements.
  • Removable treads in case of wear: Allows for easy replacement and maintenance.
  • Flat bar handrail: Offers a sleek, modern look and secure grip.
  • Stainless steel lookalike coating: Provides the appearance of stainless steel without the cost.
  • Open wood deck with glass railing: Enhances views while ensuring safety.
  • 42″ deep concrete footing: Ensures a stable foundation resistant to shifting or settling.

What About a Using a Spiral Staircase Kit?

Firstly, a kit simply will not give you the best product. You can find ones for tight spaces and attics, but an outdoor metal spiral staircase for a deck requires more than buying a lightweight kit off Amazon.

Welded steel spiral stairs have greater stability. In a kit, parts are designed to be ultra-light for shipping. Bolts can loosen over time. However, Great Lakes spiral stairs are designed with strong parts. In addition, fully welded joints limit flexing and maximize long-term durability.

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Can You Add Lights to Exterior Spiral Stairs?

Yes. Generally, customers of all homes can purchase LED tread lighting for a spiral stair for visibility and added confidence. Illumination for almost any set of steps tangibly enhances the user experience. In sum, they look stunning and increase safety. Great Lakes Metal Fabrication provides built-in LED lighting for spiral stairs, made in the USA.