Porch Rails with Twisted Pickets

Project ID: #1580

A porch rail with twisted pickets and unique lambstongue ends that were heated and flared outward

Total: ~ 5′
Top bar: 1-3/4″ wide molded cover bar
Infill: 1/2″ sq tightly twisted spindles
Posts: 1-1/4″ sq posts with 4″ sq base plates
Bottom bar: 1″ wide channel
Includes (2) hand-forged lamb’s tongue ends per rail.
Finished with zinc primer and Satin Black powder coat.
Inclusions: Materials, field measure, drawings, fabrication, coating, delivery & installation.

Residential homes may require porch railing to keep them both code-compliant, as well as safe.

You may be wondering when a home like this one that has porch rails with twisted pickets is required to have a rail. For new homes, a drop off a walking surface should not exceed 30″ without a guard. For existing homes, the primary concern is updating old railings too that may be too short, loose, or too spaced out. You may also be considering metal as the material to use for your railings. Steel, stainless steel, and aluminum are among the most common metals for these projects. Exterior railings typically use aluminum or galvanized steel.

Hardware in the kitchen is like railing to a house. The difference is in the details.

When you work with a custom fabrication shop, like Great Lakes Metal Fabrication, you can choose details to enhance the architecture of your home. In conclusion, railing doesn’t have to just be a necessity in your home; you can make it functional art!