Metal Camargue Cross Art

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The metal Camargue cross or croix de Camargue or Cross of the Gardians originates from the Mediterranean region of France, south of Arles. It was created for the fishermen and horse-riding herdsmen of Camargue. A famous region, which contains vast marshland, and where “cowboys” or gardians still build and use traditional thatch cabanes. The wrought iron Camargue cross can be seen hanging outside some dwellings. The impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh visited the region in 1888. He captured the essence of these homes in a painting titled Trois Cabanes Blanches aux Saintes-Maries.

metal camargue cross full size wall-hanging wall mounted croix de camargue artwork exterior hanging coastal design
Trident Detail

Notably, this metal Camargue cross artwork combines three emblems. The trident cross, also a tool used by the mounted herdsmen, represents faith. The anchor and heart represent hope and love respectively.

Perfect for outdoor hanging and coastal interiors, this full-size cross of Camargue incorporates three traditional symbols into an attractive and unique design. This decorative croix de Camargue made from forged steel contains a message as resilient as the materials themselves. Therefore, this artwork works well for a thoughtful wedding gift, unique housewarming gift, and stylish exterior home decor. Expert craftsmen build each metal Camargue cross individually. So call for more details or to order your custom metal Camargue cross today.

  • Custom finishes, size, and hanging styles are available by request
  • Made in the USA
  • Ships throughout the United States

Cross shown here in one of a kind, raw metal finish, clear coated, and designed for wall mounting.

Discover why so many fall in love with this heartfelt, timeless design.

For outdoor hanging or coastal interiors, this full-size metal Camargue cross or croix de Camargue art piece is forged in steel for a timeless design, each made individually by expert craftsmen.