Lakeside Wrought Iron Spiral Stair, Cedar Treads

Project ID: #1002
Strong, welded iron spiral staircase with matching cedar wood treads and finished in a durable satin black powder coating.
  • Welded iron spiral stair
  • Convenient access between patio and deck
  • Compact 60″ diameter footprint
  • Standard square landing
  • Lefthand up orientation
  • Durable cedar wood treads
  • Replaceable wood treads in case of damage
  • Metal railing with vertical pickets welded to steps
  • Molded cover bar handrail
  • Wood deck and metal rail
  • Lakeside home
  • Satin black powder coating

Spiral stairways help you move between floors in less space. They use “pie” shaped steps to turn you, either clockwise or counter-clockwise, as you ascend and descend. There are many different applications you can employ for the steps. You can choose from a standard and simple, smooth steel step to adding durable ipe hardwood. Your look can vary from ultra contemporary to altogether traditional. As a result, this choice will work frequently inside and outside of your home. Is this something that you are considering for your home? Contact us today to begin the process!

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