Iron Outdoor Spiral Stairs with LED Lighting

Project ID: #1344

Featuring LED lighting, this iron outdoor spiral staircase connects the deck and patio with a compact footprint. No more oversize wooden stairs – instead, more room to barbecue!

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Maximize Outdoor Space with Spiral Stairs

A traditional staircase takes a lot of space. This spiral staircase links the deck and patio with a compact footprint. It also allows natural circulation between the two. The homeowners can spend more time cooking, eating, and relaxing. Not walking up and down long flights of stairs.

Spiral stairs provide a beautiful solution when outdoor space is at a premium. They minimize the need to cut into valuable real estate. No oversize landings, thick wood columns, or cumbersome wood handrails. Just more space to enjoy the outdoors.

Increase Safety with LED Lighting

Additionally, beautiful LED lighting along this outdoor iron spiral staircase increases safety with each step. It inspires confidence and provides beauty at any time of night. In order to match, the owner selected wood treads for the spiral stairs in the same material as the deck. In that case, should any of these Trex boards show signs of wear, replacing a board or a whole tread is easy. So with this system, a board can be removed and replaced individually on the spiral stairs.

Ensure Durability with Powder Coating

Powder coating covers the metal railing in a classic black finish. Outdoor installation requires durable finishes. Customers choose powder coating as a first line of defense.  Metal may be galvanized or zinc primed underneath like this one.

Boost the Value of Your Home with Outdoor Spiral Stairs

Another design element stands out. A steel band winds around the spiral stairs. It attaches at the corner of each tread, following the line of the handrail. It stiffens the entire frame. But most importantly, this simple feature illustrates the natural helix shape. Unique features like this can add to a home’s value, and spiral stairs for a deck save space and eliminate the need for bulky wood steps.